We are blogging again

Ok, so we are back.


Team is up, sharp, fresh recharged. New page, new blog, fresh & slick Thunder Lighters look! It feels great to be ready. We love to smoke and to our mission is to make everyone's smoking experience better than ever. Some time has passed since our last product launch. We proved that plasmatic lighters, laser lighters, usb lighters or call them as you wish - are the future. We know you've been waiting for long but trust me, everything has a reason. Our new Thunder Lighters creation, The Goldminer uses a tripple arc technology. This is supperior to anything seen in pre-2020 age. At the time of me writing this for you I am sure there is no better lighter on this planet. At least for those like me who want to always be ready. Oh and I don't know how about you, but I really like my lighter to look sleek. 


Handling huge order numbers will be same smooth as always so no worries, all has been taken care off again! The Goldminer is getting ready for final production, just a few more negotiations about packaging and we are all set. It is crazy how much faster we can prepare great products for you these days. All the Covid-19 craziness slowed things down, but in our case it sped up other processes needed to make sure that we deliver our promise. Thank you our partners and thank you our beloved customers. Let's light it up! ⚜️

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